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New On Netflix: The Lost Boys

The new year is here, and with it is a whole slew of new releases on Netflix Instant. Let’s start 2011 off right with a look back at one of your favorite vampire movies. How did we know The Lost Boys is one of your favorite vampire movies? It’s one of everybody’s favorite vampire movies!

Faster Movie Review

If you are the type of guy that saw the Faster ads and thought, “I can’t wait for that to come out,” congratulations, because the best action film of 2010 has hit theaters.

Secretariat Review: Beats Two Hours at OTB

When I think of horse racing, I think of innocence lost in a midtown Manhattan OTB. Since Secretariat is a Disney product, I expected something with a little more, shall we say, flair. Did they deliver? Find out inside…

Wolverine 2 Starting To Take Shape

Anything that has ever made money in Hollywood has always had the chance to make it again, so here comes Wolverine 2. So what kind of damage are we looking at?

New Centurion Poster

Dig this sweet poster for Neil Marshall’s new flick Centurion, starring Michael Fassbender and the smokin’ hot Olga Kurylenko.