Pogo GoPro

My experience with a pogo stick is basically limited to nailing my 10-yr-old self in the nuts from the safety of my driveway. These guys take it up a notch and push pogo sticks to a higher level.

The Death of Barcelona

With as many falls as the riders in this trip had, this trip was more like Deaths IN Barcelona. Plenty of Fail to balance the Win.

Parkour Skating

I’m not completely sure what you’d call it but “Parkour Skating” seems to best fit. Gou Miyagi spends nearly as much time off his board as he does on it, only not in the way you might expect.

Fire Skating

Innovative skateboard icon Jamie Thomas channels the spirit of Hendrix and sets his board on fire for some inferno shredding. It goes without saying, don’t try this at home.

Giants of Dirt, Part Two

Part 2 of the big jumps and big air series finds Dane testing out the goliath size dirt jumps constructed in part one. R.I.P. Dane.

Street Skiing

Canadian skiier JP Auclair doesn’t limit himself to the bunny slope. Hell, the guy doesn’t even limit himself to the mountain, he takes his skiing prowess straight to the streets.

Surfs Up Fiji

Winter may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the glories summer vicariously through the amazing surfing of Taj Burrow and Jay Davies.

Skateboarding a Bobsled Run

Bobsledding not exciting enough for you? Then try going down a bobsled run at 80km/h on a skateboard. That’ll get the adrenaline pumping.