Eric Dossantos was BASE jumping last month, when everything went wrong. His GoPro camera captured the terrifying moments.

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Sorry, but you will never, ever do anything as ballsy as what Mischo Erban just did. 80.74 mph. On a skateboard. On a public road.

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Stuck in the office while the rest of the world basks in the rays of the summer sun? Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven is the perfect way to kick off the first day of summer with a bikini clad surfing adventure in the world’s best wave pool.

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Line of Sight gives a rare view into the adrenaline fueled world of urban bicycle messengers and the daily risks they take as they navigate car filled streets of the world’s busiest cities.

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Photographer and poet Mickey Smith takes his audience on a stunning surfing journey into the freezing waters off Ireland’s rocky coast.

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In Brett Novak’s Altered Route Killian Martin travels to an abandoned amusement park (cue the Scooby-Due villain) in the Mojave Desert to create this innovative video that’s part skateboarding, part gymnastics.

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Chet Childress and Al Partanen get bearded and weird on a their search for some abandoned backyard pools. Things are moving along fine and dandy until the fuzz show up.

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Generally speaking, riding your motorbike through an inferno isn’t a good idea, but when you shoot it in slow motion, man, does it look freaking sweet!

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I’m not even much of a surfing enthusiast, but this is definitely one of the raddest surf videos I’ve seen. It may not have the big wave adrenaline of other videos, but a customized LED surfboard is like a neon shark, cutting through the waves.

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Body boarding down a dam that may or may not have poo filled water isn’t exactly the smartest or most sanitary thing to do, but it sure looks like fun. Check out Aussie surfer Paul Fisher and his pals as they do some renegade body boarding.

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