BASE Jumping From A Paraglider

A couple of adrenaline junkies are towed skyward in a paraglider attached to a truck driving down an airport runway. Why? So they can BASE jump. Next question.

The World’s Smallest Velodrome

Red Bull built the world’s smallest velodrome, let’s call it a mini-drome, for a one-of-a-kind bike race held in London. Don’t miss Danny MacAskill running over another competitor. Classic.

The Best Workout Machines

If you can actually drag yourself off the couch and get to the gym, you want to maximize your time for the best results. These machines are a few of our favorites.

Skydiver Roberta Mancino Is Falling For You

Roberta Mancino is an incredibly accomplished skydiver having done more than 4,000 jumps. She’s also drop-dead gorgeous and has gained a great deal of notoriety for jumping out airplanes nude. Watch this incredible video of her in action.

People Are Awesome

You need to watch this compilation video showcasing extraordinary human physical achievements. Young and old, silly and heart stopping, it’s all here.

Dew Tour

Now in its sixth year, the leading BMX and skate pros battle it out each Dew Tour season for wins at the five events nationwide. The pros are also competing for valuable points earned towards the season-ending Dew Cup, awarded to the top athlete in skate vert and park, and BMX dirt, vert and park. Catch all the action here, as triple tailwhips, 360 flips and massive 540s are thrown down on the Dew Tour’s ever-changing courses in Boston, Chicago, Portland, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.