Action Sports
Electric Blue Heaven

Stuck in the office while the rest of the world basks in the rays of the summer sun? Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven is the perfect way to kick off the first day of summer with a bikini clad surfing adventure in the world’s best wave pool.

Skating the Banzai Pipeline, North Shore of O’ahu

The surfing season on the North Shore of O’ahu has drawn to a close and locals are finding other ways to spend their time, including the Banzai Pipeline Skate Park, directly across the street from the famous surf break.

Dam Boarding

Body boarding down a dam that may or may not have poo filled water isn’t exactly the smartest or most sanitary thing to do, but it sure looks like fun. Check out Aussie surfer Paul Fisher and his pals as they do some renegade body boarding.

FUEL TV Action Sports

The best of FUEL TV action sports video. Snowboarding, skating and surfing with plenty of groundbreaking music thrown in for good measure.

Killian Martin Rips an Abandoned Water Park

In Brett Novak’s Altered Route Killian Martin travels to an abandoned amusement park (cue the Scooby-Due villain) in the Mojave Desert to create this innovative video that’s part skateboarding, part gymnastics.

The Worst Bike Wipe-Outs

A bicycle is a great way to get fit, but they’re also machines of death, just waiting to hurl you face first into the dirt. Take a cue from these poor schmucks and go back inside and play Nintendo, it’s much safer.