Electric Blue Heaven

Stuck in the office while the rest of the world basks in the rays of the summer sun? Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven is the perfect way to kick off the first day of summer with a bikini clad surfing adventure in the world’s best wave pool.

Line of Sight

Line of Sight gives a rare view into the adrenaline fueled world of urban bicycle messengers and the daily risks they take as they navigate car filled streets of the world’s busiest cities.

Killian Martin Rips an Abandoned Water Park

In Brett Novak’s Altered Route Killian Martin travels to an abandoned amusement park (cue the Scooby-Due villain) in the Mojave Desert to create this innovative video that’s part skateboarding, part gymnastics.

Chet and Al’s Pool Hunt

Chet Childress and Al Partanen get bearded and weird on a their search for some abandoned backyard pools. Things are moving along fine and dandy until the fuzz show up.

Shadow Skating

Joe Pease takes a different approach to filming some skateboard tricks with a shadows only edit.

Kayak Skydiving

There are easier ways to get your kayak down to the river than jumping out of a helicopter, but they’re not nearly as much fun.

Very Old School Skateboarding

Nomad Skateboards is taking the idea of throwback to a whole new level in their aptly titled “Very Old School”. This was done to promote an upcoming collectible cruiser board.

Skating in the Brazilian Rain

Thrasher took a mission with some Brazilian rippers around the island of Florianopolis and got in some shredding before the rain hit hard.

What is Tricking?

Tricking is a “sport” that combines flips, kicks and twists. Think of it as gymnastics minus the leotards, plus a bit of capoeira. Still confused? Brandon MCcuien is here to help you get a better idea of the sport.

Skateboarding Under Moonlight

Red Bull Moon Sessions will select and illuminate iconic skate spots in Southern California and allow the best of local pros to session under the light of the moon. The first spot they hit up was Oceanview High School in Huntington Beach, inviting the Sk8Mafia Teams along with a dozen other local skateboarding pro’s out to shred the night.