Legless Skateboarder Rips

What’s your excuse for not chasing your passion? Italo Romano did not let the fact that he doesn’t have legs keep him from making his way into the Semi-Finals round of the Tampa Pro skateboarding event earlier this week.

Snow Porn: Loon Mountain Kids Shoot

You don’t have to be 18 to watch Snow Porn on the internet. It’s a good thing too, because the Burton Smalls team wouldn’t be able to watch their own part. Check out Gabe Ferguson, Darren Mack, Nik Baden, Max Jenson and Kyle Mack as they get wicked in the park at Loon Mountain.

Amazing Super Slow Motion Skateboarding

As part of the Everyday project – a personal project consisting of an image or video everyday – Charles Bergquist shot this great film of skateboarding slowed way down to give us a glimpse at all of the intricacies that make up each trick.

Mind Bending Urban Surfing

“Slicing Time” is a time-warping short film about surfing the Eisbach, a small man-made river in Munich, that shows how dark and gritty urban surfing can be.

Mountain Bike Death Ride

Wow, one more thing to add to the list of things that “are super fun to watch from helmet cams but would make me wet myself in real life”. Alejandro Paz tears down this overly rocky path on his mountain bike at dizzying speeds on the edge of human processing capacity.

Thrasher’s King of the Road Invades China: Pt. 1

Thrasher’s pro skater packed scavenger hunt road trip “King of the Road” is back and this time is spending 12 days touring China and raising hell. It’s hard to conceive this amount of ridiculous in under two weeks.