Action Videos
Bruce Lee Gets an Autotuned Face Kicking Tribute

Bruce Lee gives us some musical wisdom on the flow of water. He also kicks a lot of dudes in the face in the process.

Tightrope Walking Between Speeding Trucks is 100% Badass

The Evolution of WWE’s Summerslam: 25 Years of Pain Revisited

Race Car Plummets off Cliff at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Insane Big-Breasted Russian Girl Risks Her Life on a Ledge

Playing Tennis With Balls of Fire

Tired of the standard tennis game? The Slow Mo Guys have a solution, set those balls on fire with a little gasoline.

Crazy Man Jumps Out of Helicopter to Wrestle a Marlin

Grenade Fishing Goes Terribly Wrong in Insane Russian Video

Great White Shark; Slow Motion Death Machine

SeaWorld Killer Whale Attack on Trainer: Shocking Video Released

The Awesome ’80s OCD Ritual of Australia’s Hottest 100-Meter Hurdler

Michelle Jenneke has a strange and flirty pre-race routine that, when paired with cheesy ’80s music, strokes a pleasure zone in my brain that I never knew I had.

Shark Attacks Fish on Fishing Pole in Insane Video

How to Make a Fire Tornado

Crazy S**t in China: Unseen Force Turns Guardrail into Dominoes

This Guy Moonwalks Way Better Than Michael Jackson

‘Black Widow’ Sonya Thomas Eats 45 Hotdogs in 10 Minutes in New World Record

Watch 135 Crazy Russians Jump Off Bridge Simultaneously

Want to orbit the earth at 17,000 mph? Here’s the next-best thing

Google Demos Project Glass in Skydiving Video

Insane video of stunt plane crash into lake in Poland

This shocking video shows a stunt plane crashing into a lake at a Poland air show.

Mad Science: White Powder Burns into Satanic Alien

Watch stuff blow up: 8 killer combat explosions in HD

100 Sharks Rip Whale to Shreds as Australian Surfers Hang Loose in Waves

Kate Upton Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Do the Cat Daddy

Turkey Man Thrown from Car in Nasty High-Speed Crash, Shrugs It Off, Walks Away

This Turkey tough guy survives being thrown from his car in a nasty high-speed wreck and then dusts himself off and walks away.

Russian Idiot Daredevils Do Chin-ups from Insanely High Radio Tower

Blow Job

Hellcat Tank Destroyer

The World’s Tiniest Police Chase

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, No, it’s a Dead Cat Helicopter

Your great-aunt Edna with her four taxidermied cats is going to seem way less weird after you get a look at the guy who turned his deceased kitty into a helicopter.