The Luckiest People On Earth

This amazing compilation video shows people that should be thanking their lucky stars they lived to see another day. The final clip is a kicker.

Ninjas Fight To Daft Punk

The final scene of 1985’s Ninja Champion gets a much needed soundtrack tweak for the final fight, courtesy of Daft Punk.

Oil Makes You Very, Very Rich

Qatar has been selected to host the World Cup in 2022 (doesn’t that date seem futurustic). This video details the 5 stadiums they are building for the event and predictably, no expense is spared.

New York By Remote Controlled Plane

I live in New York and don’t want the FDR shut down because some idiot is flying a remote controlled plane near Ground Zero, but with that said, this video rules. Here’s to not getting caught.

Free Money With The Seoul Giving Club

The Seoul Giving Club was created to promote selfless giving through “pay it forward” themed projects. They put up the cash for gifts for strangers in hopes others will do the same.