Inspired Bicycles

Filmed over a few months in and around Edinburgh, this video of Danny MacAskill features some of the best street trials riding ever seen.

3 Minutes

This short thriller is sure to be one of the coolest vids you’ll see all day. One man has three minutes to complete a mission before, well… you’ll see.

Front Door Skydiving

Ever needed a parachute for a beer run? Neither have we, but if we did it would certainly give a quick trip down to the corner market a much bigger adrenaline rush.

Light Warfare

Feeling this trippy video with guys battling it out in the streets using light guns. Think ‘Die Hard’ made by RISDY students.

Not Your Casual Bicycle Ride

Bike messengers are one of the fastest ways to get documents from one location to another in metro areas and the guys have some serious skills. Check out this video of two guys dodging people, cabs and each other through the mean streets of NYC.

Thumbs Up For Graphic Violence

One part action flick, one part video game and one part graphic artist’s acid trip, this short is probably the most creative video I’ve seen all week. The cheesy 80′s game music is just an added bonus.

The Fastest Gunslinger Ever

There are 18 World Records for Fast-Draw and Bob Munden has held them all. After watching this video, it’s easy to see why.