Double Wheelchair Backflip

Want to feel like a total chump? Watch Aaron Fotheringham land the world’s first double backflip in a wheelchair. What have you done lately?

Crazy Indian Pole Dancing

I’m not sure if this video of Indian dudes in superhero underwear doing insane dance moves on a pole is funny or amazing or both. I’m gonna go with both.

Ninja Vs. Shaolin Monk

This clip of ninja goodness has just about everything. A group of hellbent ninjas, an old ass kicking Shaolin monk, throwing stars, sword play and classic 1970’s kung fu cinematography.

Tarp Surfing

Want to rip some curl but are sadly landlocked? Why not try tarp surfing, the hottest new extreme sport in the world?

LeBron James Playoff Highlight Mix

LeBron may be the biggest asshole in recent sports history, but he’s good enough to get away with it. So take a break from hating on the King for a minute to watch his highlights from the 2010 NBA playoffs.

The Golden Guys

Check this fly video of Nick Catchdubs, A-Trak and Dust La Rock from Fool’s Gold sitting around, shooting the breeze and sipping some Bushmills.

HBO Boxing: Yuri Foreman

Yuri Foreman reflects on biblical fighters and talks about being the first Israeli world boxing champion as he defends his title against Miguel Cotto Sat., June 5 live on HBO at 10:15pm ET/7:15pm PT.