Kate Upton Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Do the Cat Daddy

Fresh off the release of her steamy spread in GQ, Kate Upton hits Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and teaches him to do the dance that got her millions of hits on YouTube: the Cat Daddy. It’s not quite as hot when Jimmy buckles his seat belt and wheels his wheelchair.

Blow Job

First off, yes it is safe for work. Sorry to disappoint you. Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern captured people being blown in the face with high powered wind for a photography project and the video is absolutely nuts.

Hellcat Tank Destroyer

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing gets my Tuesday started quite like watching a car get blown to smithereens with a 76mm shell from a Hellcat Tank Destroyer.

The World’s Tiniest Police Chase

The big budget explosive action of the Hollywood police chase gets shrunken way down for this light projection project that takes the chase from the streets to the desktop.