Hitler Tries His Hand at Mario Kart

I don’t remember reading in history class about Hitler challenging his team to a virtual reality game of Super Mario Kart, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Nothing takes out a Nazi quite like a spiny koopa shell.

The Moustache

It just goes to show that you never know what is going to cause someone to snap and try to overtake the world as an evil dictator.

The World Needs Danger 5

There may be no better Nazi fighting, hard drinking, chain smoking, crime fighting team than Danger 5. They’re keeping the world safe, and looking damn fine while doing it.

Hitler’s Hurricane Irene Rage

Wow. We haven’t seen Hitler this angry since he flunked out of art school back in the day. The man just wanted to get his buzz on for the hurricane, is that so much to ask?

Hitler Isn’t Happy With Mark Zuckerberg

Adolf isn’t too thrilled about Time Magazine picking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for person of the year. Apparently, the guy is a fan of Julian Assange. Maybe a little too big of a fan.