Air Force brings a top 10 running attack and Western Michigan is looking for its first-ever bowl win when the teams clash in Saturday’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Read on for our prediction.

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Videos of the United States and its Arab coalition destroying ISIS compounds have been unclassified. Here is some of the newest, infrared and aerial footage,

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This photo is worth over a half-million dollars.

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Alicia Quaco, a cheerleader for the Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks is also a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Here is what you need to know.

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The crash happened near an Air Force base in Cley, England.

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The Air Force general who was in charge of America’s nuclear missiles has been fired after he got plastered in Russia, hit on some “suspicious” hot women and tried to fist-bump a tour guide.

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The CIA document declassified the first evidence of a military base called Area-51 at Groom Lake, Nevada. Read our breakdown and highlights of the document.

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Talk about ironic.

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At least Top Gun was created before we had to curtail Air Force flying.

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All you’ll need is $3 million dollars…

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No word has surfaced on the safety of the pilot.

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