Larry and Jane Glazer died when their plane crashed in Jamaica. The couple were Rochester, New York royalty. Here are the images that go some way to celebrate their great lives.

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Larry Glazer, CEO of Buckingham Properties in Rochester, New York, was the owner and pilot of an unresponsive plane that was tailed by F-15s until it flew over Cuba and crashed off the coast of Jamaica.

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2 F-15s are on the hunt for an American plane that is heading for Cuba.

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Check out these awesome pics of celebs singing and lounging in their private jets.

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What the heck is a Knee Defender, and why did it cause a fight to break out in mid-air during a United flight?

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62-year-old Marilyn Jean Hartman managed to sneak onto a flight headed to Los Angeles on Monday by hiding behind a family.

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A security researcher has discovered a Wi-Fi vulnerability that could allow hackers to attack passenger jets. Here’s what you need to know about this threat.

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A woman has died on board an US Airways flight from Honolulu to Phoenix.

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Sunwing Flight 772 from Toronto to Panama City was escorted by F 16s back to Toronto after bomb threats were made by an unruly passenger.

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Air Algerie Flight 5017 carrying 110 passengers and 6 crew fell off the radar and crashed. “We have lost contact with the plane.”

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This is incredible, after being told the MH17 crash was caused by “wind from Howard Stern’s ass,” Ball goes on to question the pranker about missile systems.

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A Malaysian Airlines plane has crashed near the Ukrainian border. Here are the pictures you need to see.

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A Malaysian Airlines flight crashed in Ukraine, shot down by a surface-to-air missile. All 298 onboard are dead. Initial reports said 23 of those were U.S. citizens, but zero American deaths have been confirmed.

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These aren’t spy weapons, but some seem like they could be. Check out these scary knives and bombs modified to try to trick the TSA. Luckily they got caught.

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A Redditor’s friend’s Alaska airlines flight was delayed due to the emergency slide being accidentally set off. After the picture was shared, puns flew.

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Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue aircrafts collided this morning at Boston International. Nobody was injured, but 108 passengers had to be rerouted.

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