When You See It photos are normal photos that hide a “Magic Eye” like picture that isn’t always seen at first glance. Can you outsmart these pictures?

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Imgur-user buhbee94 was known on the Internet as “flaming shot girl” when a specialty flaming bar shot spilled on her and burned her. She’s recently posted photos of her long road to recovery.

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Even Dumbo got drunk.

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Whether you’re home from college or visiting family, everyone can enjoy these drinking games.

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Finish that beer! YOU CAN DO IT!

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Be a monster mixologist and get your friends scarily sauced — in style.

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Whenever he eats carbs, this guy’s yeast infection gets him wasted. It’s a rare case of “auto-brewery syndrome.”

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The troubled startlet’s 50-year-old mom has her own issues with the sauce.

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Scientists at Griffith University’s Health Institute in Australia have invented a way to increase the electrolytes in beer therefore preventing hang overs by hydrating the drinker.

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Robbie Kneivel, Evel Knievel’s son, was recently arrested for a DUI in South Dakota while driving a motor home. He hit two cars and got his license suspended…

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Cops say Dalia Iris Alfaro, an 18-year-old from Houston, Texas, drunk drove away from a strip club, tried to outrun cops, and killed a 29-year-old driver.

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Last month Andy Dick drunkenly urinated all over a public sidewalk, and we have the footage to prove it… Now he’s been forced into rehab by loved ones.

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Actor Keifer Sutherland was recently spotted in Calgary, Canada partying it up with co-star Demi Moore after filming on the set of the film “Redemption.”

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Singer Kat Dahlia was arrested in Miami Beach this morning for driving while intoxicated, but reports say she initially refused and cursed out the officers.

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Beer Labels in Motion is a new Tumblr that had us wondering if we’ve drank a few too many. The tumblr takes craft beer labels and animates them. Check it out!

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It’s National Tequila Day and we’ve lined up 20 awesome tequila bottles for your tasting pleasure. No lime or salt necessary.

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