Fannie and Delila Miller are the two Amish girls who are missing in Upstate New York. There are reports the two could be in Canada.

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Tommy Lee Able Engle Dad Tommy Lee Travis Engle

Marine vet Tommy Lee Engle is reported to have kidnapped his son, Tommy Lee Able Engle, from his home in Virginia. The father is thought to be armed with an AK-47 and has made homicidal threats against police.

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Tommy Engle Facebook

Tommy Lee Travis Engle, an armed former Marine, is believed to have kidnapped his son in Virginia and is headed west.

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Abigail Hernandez Missing

Abigail Hernandez was missing for nine months, now the 15-year-old is reunited with her family, but nobody knows where she’s been all this time.

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Abigail Hernandez Found

15-year-old Abigail Hernandez was last seen on October 2013, on July 19 she was reunited with her parents. Where was she?

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Nathan O'Brien missing

Douglas Garland has been charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of second degree murder in relation to the deaths of Alvin & Kathryn Liknes and their grandson, 5-year-old Nathan O’Brien.

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