Everything you need to know about Billy Bob Thornton and his was Connie Angland, who Johnny Depp recently said he cheated on with Amber Heard.

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Vanessa Paradis has voiced support for Johnny Depp amid his divorce from Amber Heard. The two were together for 14 years.

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Johnny Depp has become a global superstar and is making the big bucks thanks mostly to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise.

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Amber Heard’s injuries have been photographed after Johnny Depp allegedly struck her last weekend.

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Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp and is claiming domestic abuse after Depp smashed an iPhone into her face.

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Johnny Depp pranks his wife Amber Heard on the premiere of TV show Overhaulin’. Check it out.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have tied the knot at their home in Los Angeles ahead of a celebration on his island in the Bahamas at the weekend.

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Glee is back for Season 6 with a one-hour premiere. Here are pictures from the first two episodes, “Homecoming,” and “Loser Like Me.”

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Glee starts its last season on January 9 with a two-hour episode. Who’s coming back to the show? Here are some characters, many from original cast, who will be returning in the sixth season.

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Johnny Depp has been wearing fiancee Amber Heard’s engagement ring. Is there a summer wedding in the works for the couple?

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Johnny Depp has apparently popped the question to new fiancee Amber Heard. Read on for details.

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Danny Trejo’s killer character Machete is coming back this September to split some heads open once again.

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The adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s early novel is a likable and spirited pre-gonzo romp but ultimately too watered-down to truly “take the bastards down.”

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October comes to a close with The Rum Diary, In Time, Like Crazy and Anonymous.

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John Carpenter’s first feature film in ten years is a modest yet entertaining creepshow that proves the former Master of Horror still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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John Carpenter’s first feature film in ten years is a modest yet effective haunted house tale with a few tricks up its ghoulish sleeve.

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