What’s New In Music This Week

This Week: The Back Keys finally cross over; all that Amy Winehouse left behind; The Roots tell the story of a child who grows into a drug-dealer; Poland’s Jacaszek combines classical and electronic; Auto-crooner T-Pain is back with club jams and guests.

Amy Winehouse R.I.P.

British Press is reporting that Amy Winehouse was found dead inside her London apartment this afternoon. Remember her life and music by watching the beautiful and telling song “Rehab”.

The Top 10 Celebrity Flameouts

Celebrities flame out for lots of different reasons – bad money management, drugs, racist rants, the pressure of fame, some combination of all of the above – but some flame out just a bit more spectacularly than others.

Trainwreck 100: Amy Winehouse

The Wino has been God’s gift to celebrity stalkers in the last few years – never before have we had such a devastating combination of God-given talent and Satanic self-destruction.

Full Release: Music

An interesting week for music releases, as there’s no mass-market dross dropping, leaving nothing but interesting records for me to talk about. Thus, a bad week for jokes but a good week for ears. Let’s pop on the headphones and listen…

Amy Winehouse’s New Rack

So Amy Winehouse saved up some cigarette money and splurged on a new pair of tits. I’m a little torn, here – on the one hand, I’ll never begrudge a woman a fine set of hooters.