In the new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the precinct is under another audit, this time from Terry’s ex-girlfriend! Find out what happened in ‘Serve & Protect.’

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You can stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine online for free, even if you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription. Learn how to watch Andy Samberg’s show online here.

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In ‘The Audit,’ the Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad comes under the microscope, which is manned by Amy’s ex-boyfriend! Find out what happened in this week’s episode.

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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad is off for the holidays, but they will be back soon. Find out when the next episode of Andy Samberg’s comedy airs.

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Thanks to election coverage, episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl aren’t on tonight. When is the next episode of the comedies on?

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Thanks to the opening game of a historic World Series, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine team has the night off. Click to learn when the show comes back.

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Storks, the new animated movie featuring Andy Samberg and Jennifer Aniston, opens this weekend. Click to meet the cast and read reviews.

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The fourth season of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine kicks off tonight with Holt and Jake in Witness Protection. Click to see who’s coming back and joining the show.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for its fourth season tonight. Click for a preview and to find out when the show airs.

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Andy Samberg has had an impressive career on TV and in film, and his new movie is now hitting theaters. How much money is he worth?

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Read on for details on Andy Samberg’s wife Joanna Newsom, how they got married, their wedding, who she is as a musician and her best photos.

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Guess who was dishing out hugs on the Saturday Night Live finale tonight … Pharrell Williams.

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On Saturday Night Live tonight, Andy Samberg blew up listeners with his music as he acted as DJ DAVVINCI. Check out the explosive skit.

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Andy Samberg hosted the 39th season finale on Saturday Night Live and gave a fantastic opening to the show with some celeb cameos. Check it out.

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From Kerry Washington to Jimmy Kimmel, these are the biggest stars to get hitched in 2013.

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James Franco endured his roast on Comedy Central as his fellow comedian friends roasted him. Check out the best clips here!

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