Tara McVicar was in for a wild surprise when she was going through her closet and found a wild mother opossum and her babies had taken up residence.

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A giant tortoise at the Taipei Zoo got stuck on his shell. Another tortoise came along and turned his friend over.

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Angry Ram likes to keep his headbutting in shape. Watch him as he takes out a punching bag, completely knocking it off of its rope.

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A rutting male turkey tries to get sexy time with a female who wants nothing to do with him. She runs circles around him until he falls over dizzy.

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Jovian, a Coquerel’s sifaka lemur and star of PBS’ children’s wildlife program Zoboomafoo, has passed away at age 20, sparking a wave of mourning on the Internet.

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A homeless man caught a possum by the tail and put it on a leash, claiming it is a dog and that it’s favorite food is the McDonald’s “Big Mac.”

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Ever wonder why you’re told to stay still or play dead when approached by a bear? Check out this video of a grizzly bear running alongside a car on a road.

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Rob Schnapp’s coworker is a bear whisperer. While outside in New Jersey, the Bear Whisperer was approached by a wild black bear. He tells the bear to go away.

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Man’s best friend.

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Jamie-Rae Fifield of Wellington, Nova Scotia, Canada looked out her window to check up on her French bulldog Ellie-Mae. The dog was playing with a young buck from the nearby woods.

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A panda in the bamboo woods of Sichuan, China found himself alone so he decided to masturbate. World Wildlife Federation researchers had set up cameras.

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Quoth the raven, “F*ck you.”

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The Ebola virus continues to devastate Africa, and the first case has been reported in Dallas, Texas. Here are pictures of the deadly disease.

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An epic nature showdown was caught on camera after a spider caught a bee, bit it, but the bee retaliated with a fatal sting to the spider. Both died frozen.

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Benedict Cumberbatch narrated a BBC documentary called South Pacific (Wild Pacific in the US) where he had a lot of trouble saying the word “penguin.”

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Two donkeys in a Poznan zoo who were separated for their acts of love have been reunited. Napoleon and Antosia have been together for 10 years.

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