Two men jamming out in the woods with instruments got a surprise when a possibly rabid bat swooped down on the guitar player and bit his neck.

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Kendall Jones Texas Hunter African Wildlife

Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader, has outraged animal rights by posting photos of rare animals she hunted and killed in Africa.

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gary goat, jimbo, comedian

Gary the goat is a celebrity, more-so than his comedian owner Jimbo. The two drive around and get into adventures. Here they are in a croc-infested lake.

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Two Beagle puppies play as the American

From dogs, to cats, to birds, all animals have the potential to be a dick. Check out the funniest GIFs of animals knocking each other over and more.

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Meet Imgur-user crackheadfreeze, the real Snow White. While posing for some pictures in a sexy dress, she was joined by 2 rodents after bribing them with nuts.

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owl, swiffer, youtube

Colton Wright find an owl in his house. After 40 minutes, he was finally able to get the owl on a Swiffer and out a window. He’s now called the “Owl Whisperer.”

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