Inspector Gadget: Monster Lake

Inspector Gadget saves Professor Frafkin, the world’s leading scientist, from being kidnapped by Dr. Claw. Safety Tip: Water safety tips.

Speed Racer: The Female Daredevil, Part 1

Speed Racer and the gang are on the way to compete in the Nitona Handicap when they meet Twinkle Banks, the auto acrobat star of the nearly bankrupt Universal Circus.

Speed Racer: The Desperate Race, Part 2

Speed Racer and the Go Team have flown the Mach 5 to Sandoland to compete in a grueling 800 mile desert race. The gang is accused of sabotage and stumble into a web of conspiracy, treachery and deception in the desert.

Snack Bar From Hell

Check out this movie snack bar advertisement that starts out with a wholesome retro feel, but soon descends into something of a Stanley Kubrick-ish hell ride.

Speed Racer: Challenge of the Masked Racer, Part 2

There’s excitement in the air over the big Trans Country Race. But when word gets around that the mysterious, unbeatable Masked Racer is competing, everyone knows there will be trouble in the conclusion of “Challenge of the Masked Racer.” Watch the full episode from 1967.

Speed Racer: The Great Plan, Part 2

Can the untested Speed Racer win the race from the evil clutches of Ace Ducey and his gang of thugs and save his father’s plans to improve the Mach 5? Watch the conclusion of “The Great Plan.”