The Golden Girls / Super Friends Mash-Up

The super villains have been defeated and justice has been restored. So what do the Super Friends do now in their golden years? Move to Miami to live together in a ranch style home of course!

YouTube Haiku

The Internet knows that you don’t have time to sit down and take in all of its glory – real life does occasionally get in the way. Viral insanity in increments of 15 seconds or less though is an easier pill to swallow.

Super Modern Mario Bros.

The first level of Super Mario Bros. gets a modern pixelated reboot with some extra gore for added effect. I gotta say, the blood and guts add a whole new degree of satisfaction to smashing goombas.

Raiden’s Slip and Fall

Forget finishing moves or having to take on Goro. In the death tournament that is Mortal Kombat, one bad step can put you out of the tourney for good and ruin your entire day. Raiden finds this out the hard way.