Captain America: Civil War is set to open to monstrous numbers on May 6, but how will it rank against the previous Marvel movies?

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Ant-Man & Hulk Coke Mini Super Bowl Commercial 2016: Watch the Marvel comic heroes in a chase to grab the Coca-Cola can in this superbowl ad full of action.

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Just because he’s small doesn’t mean he won’t have a big presence on the toy market.

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Prepare to giggle and feel a tad bit more inspired after reading through these movie quotes from 2015’s Ant-Man.

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Marvel has done everyone a huge favor by giving us an extended look at their next summer blockbuster, Ant-Man.

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This isn’t an ant-sized teaser this time around. Here’s the 1st official trailer for Marvel Studio’s “Ant-Man.”

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This teaser pic gives us a look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, the man behind the “Ant-Man” moniker.

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