Shares of Apple have been on a tear of late, surging since the beginning of the year. Momentum traders are looking at the stock but Warren Buffett’s investment may mean its momentum days are gone.

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Apple’s iOS 10.3 is in beta and expected to be released to the general public this spring. The new iPhone and iPad software will bring a number of new features and changes; read on for details.

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Based on what iOS 10.3 beta testers are seeing on their devices, Apple is expected to drop support for 32-bit apps on an upcoming release of iOS.

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Apple has announced it is selling more iPhones than ever before and has achieved its highest quarterly earnings in company history. The company is also seeing a continuous rise in revenue accrued from its services like the App Store and iTunes.

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A Pokemon Go app has been released for Apple Watch. How does it measure distance? Can you lock your phone and still have it count your footsteps?

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The Pokemon Go app has just been released for Apple Watch. How does catching Pokemon work with it? Do you need to have your iPhone app open for this?

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Niantic has finally released the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch.

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The Pokemon Go Apple Watch app may be launching soon, as code related to the Apple Watch appears in the game’s latest update.

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The Pokemon Go Apple Watch app is still in the works, Niantic confirmed on Twitter today. When will it be released?

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iPhone 7 owners have been clamoring for a set of Apple AirPods to compensate for the missing headphone jack. What’s the hold up?

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iPhone has asked its suppliers to make more OLED screens, which create lighter and more flexible designs, according to a WSJ report.

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Apple’s latest patent includes a missing device locator that may make the Find My iPhone app obsolete

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Apple recently filed a patent for a folding phone. Is it the iPhone 8? Or some new piece of tech?

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Apple’s MacBooks are centered around USB-C and the multitude of capabilities that come with it. Here’s a list of USB-C hubs to make using your MacBook easier.

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We’ve got custom recommendations for the best fitness wristbands. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a reformed couch potato, there’s a tracker for you.

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Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro at a press event October 27. How does their new MacBook Pro compare to Microsoft’s new Surface Book?

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