Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new at-home speaker called the HomePod. It will compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home and will ship in December.

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Tim Cook is expected to make several announcements about future Apple products at WWDC on Monday. Cook is giving the keynote address. Watch a live stream of it.

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This morning, the official Twitter account for WikiLeaks promoted the newest “Vault 7” leak. Titled “Dark Matter,” the leak promises information on “several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac Computer” and iPhones. When will it be released?

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Shares of Apple have been on a tear of late, surging since the beginning of the year. Momentum traders are looking at the stock but Warren Buffett’s investment may mean its momentum days are gone.

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Apple’s iOS 10.3 is in beta and expected to be released to the general public this spring. The new iPhone and iPad software will bring a number of new features and changes; read on for details.

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Based on what iOS 10.3 beta testers are seeing on their devices, Apple is expected to drop support for 32-bit apps on an upcoming release of iOS.

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Apple has announced it is selling more iPhones than ever before and has achieved its highest quarterly earnings in company history. The company is also seeing a continuous rise in revenue accrued from its services like the App Store and iTunes.

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A Pokemon Go app has been released for Apple Watch. How does it measure distance? Can you lock your phone and still have it count your footsteps?

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The Pokemon Go app has just been released for Apple Watch. How does catching Pokemon work with it? Do you need to have your iPhone app open for this?

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Niantic has finally released the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch.

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The Pokemon Go Apple Watch app may be launching soon, as code related to the Apple Watch appears in the game’s latest update.

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The Pokemon Go Apple Watch app is still in the works, Niantic confirmed on Twitter today. When will it be released?

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iPhone 7 owners have been clamoring for a set of Apple AirPods to compensate for the missing headphone jack. What’s the hold up?

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iPhone has asked its suppliers to make more OLED screens, which create lighter and more flexible designs, according to a WSJ report.

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Apple’s latest patent includes a missing device locator that may make the Find My iPhone app obsolete

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Apple recently filed a patent for a folding phone. Is it the iPhone 8? Or some new piece of tech?

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