Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona said he will boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration. Here’s a look at what Grijalva has said about Trump in the past and his career.

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A Pennsylvania mother survived a 30-hour hike over 26 miles to find help for her family after they were stranded in a snowy Arizona forest.

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Were Michigan and Arizona called for Donald Trump? Was New Hampshire called for Hillary Clinton? Why weren’t those states called right away?

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Arizona has unexpectedly become a battleground state, and with six days left to go until Election Day, Hillary Clinton is still within a few points of Trump.

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Arizona residents hoping to get registered to vote in time for the 2016 election don’t have much longer to wait. Here’s what you need to do.

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A plane crash in Gilbert, Arizona, on Saturday ended with the pilot and passengers uninjured. Two potential victims on the ground also escaped.

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Marc Laquon Payne was identified as the suspect accused of intentionally ramming a car into three Phoenix police officers.

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Phoenix police say three officers were injured after a man intentionally drove a car into them. News reports identified the man as Marc LaQuon Payne.

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Phoenix Police opened fire on a bank robbery suspect at the end of a pursuit that was shown live on TV. You can watch video of the shooting here.

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Tucson Medical Center was on lock down after reports of a shooting in a parking area.

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A 21-year-old Arizona man is accused of killing his roommate after tweeting he needed to move out before “I viciously murder my roommates.”

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Jesse Wilson, a 10-year-old Arizona boy, has been missing since he disappeared through his bedroom window in mid July.

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Phoenix police say a serial killer who has been randomly shooting at people in 2016 struck a ninth time.

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Two inmates at an Arizona detention center were caught on tape viciously attacking a correction’s officer. You can watch the video here.

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Brent and Brianna Daley, of Arizona, were arrested after police said they left their 2-year-old son alone outside their home while they played Pokemon Go.

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Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff, is dressing inmates in American flag uniforms for July 4th.

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