Reddit user JPEEZY95 shared this awesome pic of himself and his fellow Army men prior to deployment. They all posed in front of little green Army figurines.

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omar j gonzalez, veteran breaches white house security

A decorated Army veteran who jumped the White House fence and made it through the front door had been arrested last month with a car full of guns.

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Monica Lee was Bowe Bergdahl’s girlfriend when he was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009. The two are no longer romantically involved after Bergdahl told Lee not to wait for him if anything happened while he was overseas.

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Sergent Bowe Bergdahl has been released after being held captive in Afghanistan for 5 years. He was allegedly swapped for Guantanamo detainees.

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Josh Warner, a soldier in Spanaway, Washington, has been missing since Wednesday morning after posting a cryptic message to Facebook saying, “Good bye world.”

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Sgt. First Class Danny Ferguson had just returned from Afghanistan according to his fiancee.

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Owens, 37, attempted to talk down shooter Ivan Lopez but was gunned down with five bullets.

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Social media pictures of the shooter who killed three people plus himself in the April 2 rampage show a family man and soldier whose fun-loving smile belies his troubled mind.

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On his Facebook page, Hassan wished goodbye to his friends as he prepared to die in jihad.

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President Obama awarded Medals of Honor to 18 deceased and 3 living soldiers who were looked over due to their race or ethnicity. See the best pictures here.

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