The JBL Charge 2 is a long-lasting powerhouse of a speaker, which delivers a loud, balanced sound and charges USB devices. Compare the Charge 2 against other top Bluetooth speakers in its price range.

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Getting a new HTC One M9? Don’t forget these crucial accessories.

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Here are ten of the best accessories that will let you get the most out of your new phone.

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Shopping for headphones or earbuds? Check out a range of great choices here.

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We’ve curated a list of the very best, very newest accessories for your Android smartphone. See our picks here.

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The Sony SRS-X5 is a large but powerful pair of Bluetooth speakers. Check out its photo gallery, plus features, price, and specs.

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Late last year, TDK reintroduced their new, improved TREX Max A34, which continues TDK’s effort to make a better, more weatherproof speaker. Check out its durable build, charge out features, and more.

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The Jawbone Mini Jambox offers one of the best combinations of compact size and full sound in a portable Bluetooth speaker. See how it measures up to competitors.

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The Logitech Ultimate Ears Mini Boom is a great option for shoppers who want quality sound in a small package without a hefty price tag. See how it measures up to competitors.

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The Bose SoundLink Mini is among the best portable bluetooth speakers available, delivering sound quality not matched by less-expensive competitors.

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The wide selection of feature-heavy portable Bluetooth speakers has made it much easier to enjoy music on the go, but it’s also made it much more difficult to find the right portable speakers for the right price. That’s why Heavy has compiled a power list of the top 10 best sounding Bluetooth speakers across all price ranges.

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Green Monday is no Black Friday, but these sales are still pretty spectacular.

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Amazon just announced the “Echo.” This slim, tower-like device can be controlled with your voice. But what exactly does it do?

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Whether you love singing in the shower or lounging by the pool, these waterproof Bluetooth speakers will let you rock out or take phone calls in wet conditions.

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These headphones range in price, but they all sound amazing.

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We’ve cherry-picked our five favorite tech deals from Amazon’s Labor Day sale.

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