Netflix will premiere 11 original series this month including the third season of BoJack Horseman and the new horror-thriller, Stranger Things.

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October 21, 2015, is “Back to the Future Day.” It’s the day that Doc Brown, Marty and Jennifer travel to in the second movie, Back To The Future II.

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Dr. Emmett Brown and Tony Hawk agree: The future is here.

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The Flux Capacitor is fluxing… all systems go for this insane mod for Grand Theft Auto IV (Plus see Marty McFly with an assault rifle!)

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The bar for hovercraft coolness has officially been raised.

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So, you need to pass a history report and the only way to do this is to go back in time and kidnap a bunch of famous people? We’ll show you how to do it.

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No one likes it when Hollywood tries to pass off an old classic as something new and exciting. Still, there are movies to be made, and drugs and Botox to purchase, and so the dreaded re-make will never truly go out of style.

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Yes, it’s a slow news day. That doesn’t make this rap any less awesome.

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