A shot was fired from a suspect’s gun while he was being chased by Baltimore police near where protests have been held over the death of Freddie Gray.

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A video shows police pepper spraying and violently arresting a protester in Baltimore who remained on the street after the 10 p.m. curfew.

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Police have released mugshots of the six Baltimore police officers charged in connection with Freddie Gray’s death – and it turns out that three of them are African-American, including one woman.

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The driver of the police van that transported Freddie Gray has been charged with second-degree depraved heart murder in the death that sparked protests and riots in Baltimore.

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Kevin Moore, the man who filmed the arrest of Freddie Gray, was arrested Thursday night in Baltimore, according to reports on social media.

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Gary Thorne took his opportunity to utilize his lower voice in an empty stadium for the Baltimore Orioles-Chicago White Sox game on April 29, 2015.

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Lifelong Baltimore resident and two-time City Councilman Carl Stokes did not like the way CNN reporter Erin Burnett was describing young men in Baltimore.

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Teenager Michael Singleton tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he understands why his mother slapped him around the head in the middle of the Baltimore riots.

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More than 100 people were arrested in New York on Wednesday as marchers took to the streets of the Big Apple in solidarity with the protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray.

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A Baltimore City Police Officer claimed on Facebook that Freddie Gray intentionally “broke his own neck” in the back of a police transport van.

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A prisoner who was in the police van with Freddie Gray claims Gray was “banging against the walls” and “was intentionally trying to injure himself.”

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Court documents detail the arrests and convictions of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old Baltimore man who died after being injured in police custody.

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Protesters in Baltimore have been held without bail, some for 2 days, because of chaos in the city’s court system, which was overwhelmed by more than 200 arrests.

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Rumors have circulated on social media that Freddie Gray had a spinal injury and had surgery a week before his arrest in Baltimore.

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A prominent community organizer in Baltimore was taken into police custody live on CNN.

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Photos of continuing unrest in Baltimore after a curfew went into effect the night after violent rioting over the death of Freddie Gray.

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