Battling Walls of Ice

Tim Emmet, armed with two axes and a length of rope, pushes the boundaries of the frozen world, scaling humbling mountains of ice, wagering on himself in a battle against the elements.

Experience Freedom

Experience the sensation of free fall and human flight in this beautiful short film featuring some of the world’s best skydive, base jumping and wingsuit athletes in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world.

Breathtaking Base Jump Over Singapore

What better way to ring in the new year than to fling yourself off the 55 story Marina Bay Sands high above Singapore? Seven professional base jumpers celebrated 2012 in style, plummeting from high above the city streets in the largest base jumping attempt Singapore has ever seen.

Tightrope Base Jumping

If rogue circus performers decided to take up base jumping it would look something like this, minus the fancy costumes. Consider it to be your “wtf, these guys must be insane” clip of the day.

Experience Zero Gravity

Experience Zero Gravity explores the feeling and the emotion of base jumping, shot in incredible locations in Norway, Switzerland and France.

Adrenaline Rush

An incredibe BASE jump off cliffs in Eikesdalen, Norway is shot for the new IMAX film Adrenaline Rush.