A mischievous bear cub got into a closed garage so mom has to come along and pry open the garage door for it. The homeowner amazingly filmed it all on camera.

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Ever wonder why you’re told to stay still or play dead when approached by a bear? Check out this video of a grizzly bear running alongside a car on a road.

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Rob Schnapp’s coworker is a bear whisperer. While outside in New Jersey, the Bear Whisperer was approached by a wild black bear. He tells the bear to go away.

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A lost bear cub wandering around Oregon found himself lost in a Rite Aid. Luckily police were there to scoop him up and hand him off to wildlife officials.

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A video shot in Northern New Jersey shows a bear walking upright like a human, & appearing similar to the sasquatch. Apparently the bear injured a front paw.

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A hungry black bear got himself in trouble after getting his head stuck in a milk can. Luckily a lumberjack saved him by using a forwarder to grab the milk can.

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A man hunting in Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada, had some unexpected company join him while he was holed up in a tree.

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These dogs confront a black bear feeding at a bird feeder after breaking through the farmer’s fence. Watch what happens when they surround the bear!

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Fred Eichler wanted to get a black bear out of his trash. But instead of calling animal control, he runs up and smacks the bear’s butt to scare it off.

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A wild black bear mauled a man at an Alaskan campground Saturday after he fed it a piece of meat from a church barbecue.

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The cute yet rough-and-tumble lifestyle of the mother-cub panda relationship is caught on tape.

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It’s PANDA-monium in this article! (I promise that is the first and last time I will ever use that pun. Sorry).

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Check out the tasty goodness that cyber space was dishing out this week. Open wide…

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