Best Of Netflix
Best Of Netflix: Grindhouse Delights

Sometimes, the sex and violence just needs to be as over-the-top as possible. Here are a few exploitation films available for your lurid pleasure on Netflix that will have you wishing for the days of drive-in movie theaters.

Best Of Netflix: Back To School

Believe it or not, it’s already time to say goodbye to summer and prepare for another year of higher learning. Before you hit the books, hit these back-to-school movies on Netflix Instant in anticipation for the reading, writing and arithmetic.

Best Of Netflix: The Big House

Lock down and lights out! Spend some solitary time with a few of the best prison films on Netflix Instant — and be really, really happy that you’re not an inmate in one of these hellholes.

Best Of Netflix: Deadly Viruses

If you’re planning on taking a sick day sometime soon, here are a few flicks that might help set the mood for you…

Best Of Netflix: The Terror Inside

Nothing can get under your skin quite like a terrifying tale of body horror! Here are a few flicks that will make you feel a bit uneasy about what might be going on in your insides, all available on Netflix Instant.