This is the best 11 seconds you’ll ever spend in your life. Probably.

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Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls 6 and Dishonored 2 are all possible for E3 2015.

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We’ve got the details on many of E3 2015’s press conferences already, and more details are on the way.

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Another Wolfenstein is on the way — this time a prequel to The New Order

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What does Bethesda have planned for their big press conference at E3 2015?

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Fallout: Shadow of Boston looks to be the next game in the Fallout series, according to a trademark filing from Bethesda.

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These are the 15 gaming franchises we wanna see on next-gen consoles the most.

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FPS fans will be returning to Wolfenstein real soon.

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“The Evil Within” looks to bring the “horror” back to “survival.”

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The OG of first-person shooters is making a return for 2013.

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The rumor mill is moving fast, thanks to the guy who voices Three Dog from Fallout 3.

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