Training Day, which suffered a devastating blow with the death of the great Bill Paxton, ends its first season tonight. CBS has already cancelled the drama.

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Thanks to March Madness, there’s no new episode of Bill Paxton’s Training Day tonight. Find out when the next new episode airs.

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Tonight’s episode of Training Day will be prefaced by a tribute to actor Bill Paxton. Find out when the episode airs and the show’s future.

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Bill Paxton has died after complications after surgery. With the Oscars upon us, will there be time to remember the great actor?

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Louise Newbury is the wife of Bill Paxton, who passed away on Saturday due to complications from surgery.

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Bill Paxton was born and raised in Texas and had a brother, Bob Paxton. Here’s a look at his family.

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Bill Paxton, who died on Sunday at age 61, had two children and was married twice. Here’s a look at his family and children.

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“Twister” actor Bill Paxton has passed away at 61. How did the actor die? Get the details here.

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Have a thirst for blood? Then drink up…here’s the greatest vampire films of all time!

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Two high school nerds take a page out of Frankenstein and create the perfect woman with their computer and a bolt of lightning in John Hughes’ gonzo ’80s comedy

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Let it snow! Winter Solstice is upon us, which means we’re in for some inclement weather sooner rather than later (if you haven’t had it already). Here are some movies that make for a perfect evening’s entertainment when you find yourself snowed in — or just wish that you were.

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Director Walter Hill’s brawny, exciting thriller features out-of-town firemen and local gangstas fighting over a stash of hidden gold in an abandoned warehouse.

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Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn lead a team of highly trained super-soldiers in this extremely far-fetched, shamelessly patriotic and terrifically entertaining action flick.

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Why walk when you can take the train? There’s something mysterious, strange and sometimes downright terrifying about riding the rails — these train-themed films will take you to unexpected destinations, and the journeys en route are full of surprises. All aboard!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a horse through a hotel and Jamie Lee Curtis does an unforgettable striptease in James Cameron’s romantic comedy disguised as an action movie.

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“Houston, we have a problem.” Blast off with Ron Howard’s true-life story of rather turbulent space travel, now available on Netflix Instant.

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