It’s only slightly cringe-worthy when Billy Ray references his daughter’s twerking in the new lyrics.

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The Cyrus family has created a YouTube series called Seriously Cyrus. Check it out.

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Miley Cyrus allegedly announced that she and rapper Juicy J are expecting a child. Is this true? We have the real answers for you right here. Check it out.

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Country singer Randy Travis receives prayers & support from Chuck Norris, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Carrie Underwood, William Shatner, & Keith Urban on Twitter.

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Rumors are swirling after Miley Cyrus tweeted a masked threat to dad Billy Ray with a photo of Dylis Croman. Here’s 5 Fast Facts about the mystery woman.

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Miley Cyrus sent BIlly Ray Cyrus a provoking message over Twitter yesterday that remained deleted after only four minutes. Is Miley hiding something?

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Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus are seen cuddling during a family outing on Sunday. The two look like they could be patching things up in their marriage.

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Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus file for a second divorce. Tension between Miley and Billy Ray builds as Miley publicly addresses father over Twitter.

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Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t know, but Snoop Dogg did. Liam Hemsworth confirms that he & Miley Cyrus are officially over. Inside the break up and Miley’s new music.

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Jackie Chan was one of the first Asian movie stars to really make a dent in the Western market (well, with the exception of Bruce Lee), but he’s been mired in the swamp of family-friendly action comedies. So what did we think of The Spy Next Door?

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