BioShock Infinite Beware the Siren

Just because you think you’ve knocked off an enemy in BioShock Infinite doesn’t mean they’re actually down for good. As Ken Levine explains, the Siren’s song isn’t so easy to silence.

BioShock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot

It sort of feels like there’s this weird thing going on with past US Presidents being embraced by pop culture. First, we have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, and now a robotic George Washington from BioShock Infinite. Could FDR or JFK be next?

BioShock: Infinite VGA Game Trailer

Calling the new trailer for BioShock: Infinite “grandiose” would be an understatement. Expect the third installment of the franchise sometime next year.

BioShock Infinite E3 Game Trailer

The next BioShock leaves behind a city below the sea and instead takes place high in the sky. So what’s so special about the new digs? Roller coasters.