This pigeon does not know what’s up. In an art exhibit on a sidewalk, pigeon sculptures are arranged by an artist. A live pigeon has joined the fake flock.

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Quoth the raven, “F*ck you.”

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YouTuber Jessie Garza had been visited by a blue heron for some time in his backyard. He soon found out why when the modern dinosaur found its prey.

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Colton Wright find an owl in his house. After 40 minutes, he was finally able to get the owl on a Swiffer and out a window. He’s now called the “Owl Whisperer.”

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A parrot exploring a trash can finds the whole experience so amusing it can’t help but laugh. But oh what a laugh it is; a high pitched giggle from a human.

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Bigbird the pelican lost his parents after a storm in Tanzania. Staff at Greystoke Mahale National Park taught him how to fly and recorded it with a camera on his beak.

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20 hilarious pictures of birds with arms PhotoShopped on them. What more could you want?

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