Bollywood Does Assassin’s Creed

Bollywood has beat Hollywood to the punch with knocking out an Assassin’s Creed movie. And who cares if you don’t understand the language, you know the stunts are still going to be better.

Bollywood Knows Action

Dammit, Michael Bay, quit screwing around and take some lessons from Bollywood. Any car chase that involves a guy rollerblading through fiery chaos deserves some kind of award. Oh, and did I mention the rocket launcher?

Bollywood Knows Action

This 10 minute action sequence is so insane and over-the-top that it makes the Matrix feel like an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Scene from the Bollywood movie ‘Endhiran’

Bollywood Knows Action

Not sure what Bollywood film this is from, but don’t worry about the language barrier. Just keep this in mind next time you need to take out a helicopter.

Sweetest Lighter Ever

Bollywood makes everything better, even getting lung cancer. Check out this sweet cigley lighting.