Train like a pro and realize how much of a leg and core workout you get when boxing at your highest potential.

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According to his wife, Robin Williams had just been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s disease and it was something he wasn’t ready to share. There are many celebrities and politicians who have gone on to live full lives while battling the condition.

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Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko are having a baby. Let’s celebrate by learning more about the engaged couple.

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Cermeno, a former world boxing champion, was shot and killed in a botched kidnapping in his native Venezuela. He was just 44 years old.

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What better way to celebrate Boxing Day than with seriously hot girls in the ring wearing boxing gloves and playing with punching bags.

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Mike Tyson has a new reality show called “Being: Mike Tyson” and its set to air on FOX. Check out the video trailer right here.

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After a 17-year battle with AIDS, heavyweight boxing champion and co-star of the film ‘Rocky V’ has died in Nebraska. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1996.

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Heavy-weight boxing champ Tony Morrison has died of AIDS at the young age of 44. Morrison played Tommy Gun in ‘Rocky V’ and was a true fighter.

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The champion boxer was best remembered for killing his rival in the ring during a nationally televised fight.

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If you troll a boxer on Twitter who has some internet detective skills, you will get beat down. It’s that simple.

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Ali’s brother says The Greatest is almost gone. His daughter says otherwise. Who’s telling the truth?

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