WBA world welterweight champ Keith Thurman is set to defend his title against Shawn Porter in this year’s most anticipated matchup, tonight in Brooklyn.

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Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter took to the scales at the weigh-in ahead of their scrap in Brooklyn.

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There’s light at the end of the tunnel for boxing’s most clamored-for matchup.

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Two of boxing’s top welterweights, Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter, are set to battle it out this Saturday in Brooklyn, New York.

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Photos of Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal, Will Smith, Common, Mike Tyson and other celebrities attending Muhammad Ali’s funeral.

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Today was the funeral of Muhammad Ali. See the photos of the amazing event with his family – wife, sons and daughters.

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Muhammad Ali’s spouse Lonnie Ali is set to deliver a speech at his funeral, alongside many others. Get the details on Ali’s wife here.

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Today, Bill Clinton is a speaker at Ali’s funeral. How did Clinton and Muhammad Ali know each other?

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Thousands lined the streets of Lousiville, Kentucky to say goodbye to Muhammad Ali. See photos of his funeral procession here.

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Who were Muhammad Ali’s parents and grandparents? How many siblings did he have? Find out all about them here.

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Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in the movie “Ali” and now he is a pallbearer at the champ’s funeral. Read on for the details on how they knew each other.

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How many wives did Muhammad Ali have and what were his ex-wives’ names? See photos and details about all his children’s mothers, including two he wasn’t married to.

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Muhammad Ali’s wife (now widow), Yolanda, has called him the “greatest love of her life.” Get the details on Yolanda (Lonnie) and the couple’s married years.

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What cemetery is Muhammad Ali calling his burial site? Where is he to be buried today?

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Who are Muhammad Ali’s kids? What are his children’s names? Get to know his family here.

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These are photos and stories about Muhammad Ali’s family, his children and grandchildren. Learn more about them and what they have done to honor Ali.

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