A 12-year-old Boy Scout was shot and killed on Monday while attending Camp Fiesta Island in San Diego. It’s not known whether William Shook’s death was a suicide, accident or something more sinister.

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An 12-year-old boy was shot dead at the San Diego Boy Scout camp, Camp Fiesta Island, on Monday morning. Cops originally reported the death as a suicide but are now investigating other possible causes of death.

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The longstanding ban on openly gay members in the Boy Scouts has officially been lifted, however, gay adults will continue to be banned from leadership roles.

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The action would lift a a longstanding ban on gays in the organization’s 103-year-old history.

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No God, no camping. Rules are rules, kid.

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Read nearly 2,000 names of Boy Scout volunteers expelled from the BSA from 1971-1991, pulled from the Perversion Files.

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Boy scout Ryan Andresen was denied an eagle scout by the Boy Scouts of America after coming out as gay.

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For decades the Boy Scouts of America covered up hundreds of child molesters, sacrificing victims in the name of preserving the BSA’s reputation.

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Every week I point out five things that make America the greatest damn country on Earth. This week: Tecmo Bowl, the Olive Garden, and the entirely justified tasering of fat dudes.

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Yes, it’s true. The Boy Scouts of America just introduced a video game merit badge into their system. If for some reason you’re interested in how to obtain one of these badges, you have to go through a strenuous process.

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