Anthony “T.J.” Antell tried to stop a gunman from fleeing after the suspect shot a Walgreens employee in Arlington. The Good Samaritan was killed.

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Rachel Bush outed LeBron James for sending her a DM on Twitter. The Instagram model is dating a Cleveland Browns football player. James is married with three kids.

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So far, police in London are saying that Gest’s death is not being treated as suspicious.

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A Seattle man has been arrested in connection with the death of a mother of three after the pair went out on a date together.

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A mother of three went out on a date to a Seattle Mariners game with a man she met online. A day later her remains were found in a recycling bin.

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A Texas teenager was killed by her ex-boyfriend after he learned about her new relationship.

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An 18-year-old high school senior in Texas was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after he learned that she was seeing someone else.

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Despite his self-admitted adultery, Tom Jones remained extremely close to his wife of nearly 60 years and his manager son, Mark.

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Legendary crooner Tom Jones married his wife when they were both 16 in 1957 and they remained together until the day she died.

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Anthony Hayes was shot and killed by police years before his son, Cardell, was accused of killing former Saints football player Will Smith. Was there a connection?

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Cardell Hayes was arrested and accused of killing former NFL player Will Smith after Smith had dinner with an officer connected with Hayes’ dad’s death. Did Cardell know Will?

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Former Saints Will Smith was killed and his wife Racquel shot Saturday night in a road rage incident. Find out more about Racquel and their three children.

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Did Will Smith pass away? Why is RIP Will Smith trending? The actor is fine, but a former Saints football player was tragically killed. Find out the details.

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What are the Powerball winning numbers for tonight, April 9? We’ve got the winning numbers right here.

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Yahoo Mail’s been having serious login problems all day. What’s going on? Is it down? Here’s what’s happening to Yahoo email and possible workarounds.

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The Wyoming presidential caucus is today, but there’s still time for you to vote. Find out how, who’s eligible, and all the details you need to know.

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