Amber Roof, the older sister of the 21-year-old Charleston shooter, set up, and removed, a GoFundMe page to offset the costs of her rescheduled wedding.

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An armored vehicle opened fire on officers outside the Dallas Police Headquarters early Saturday morning. Watch all the videos of the incident here.

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An armored vehicle shot at officers and the Dallas Police headquarters early Saturday morning before leading police on a chase and into a standoff.

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Prison worker Joyce Mitchell was arrested on Friday for helping two convicted murderers break out of prison in upstate New York.

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These photos should shed some light on what race Rachel Dolezal is.

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After the revelations that an NAACP president wasn’t black, Rachel Dolezal is now being described as transracial.

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Grand Ole Opry star and Country Music Hall of Fame member Jim Ed Brown has died aged 81 following a battle with cancer.

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Michael Edington, a Norfolk, Virginia, cop, has been indicted on a voluntary manslaughter charge in the 2014 shooting death of David Latham, a mentally ill man.

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Serial horse rapist Cirilo Castillo Jr. was arrested again in South Texas after he was found in a barn with a broken leg, authorities say.

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The “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes has passed away at the age of 69. Find out more about the late-great Virgil runnels’ passing here.

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A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon spent 10 hours making Caitlyn Jenner’s face more feminine.

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Christopher Lee, the legendary British actor known for his roles in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Dracula, has died at the age of 93.

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Cain Velasquez returns to the octagon at UFC 188 as a huge favorite in his Heavyweight Title bout against Fabricio Werdum. See the odds for all the fights here.

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Meet America’s next star witness.

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Eric Casebolt’s attorney says her client was stressed by two previous suicide calls before the ex-cop responded to the McKinney, Texas, pool party incident.

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An American citizen has died while fighting ISIS in Syria.

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