See aerial videos and photos of the Gatlinburg fire damage and burn area in Tennessee.

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Mike Pence, the Indiana governor and vice president-elect, said he wasn’t offended by the comments addressed to him by the cast of “Hamilton.”

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Donald Trump demanded an apology from the entire cast of Hamilton this morning after Mike Pence was booed during a performance last night.

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A San Antonio high school is under fire after two students staged a mock assassination skit of President elect Donald Trump.

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Scarlett Fakhar is a Houston television reporter who lost her job after a Facebook post expressing happiness that Donald Trump won the election.

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Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over Donald Trump has grown to 1.4 million. Here’s how it made history.

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Scarlett Fakhar was fired from her job with a Houston television station for a Facebook post expressing happiness about the election of Donald Trump.

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Here are the best memes and tweets featuring Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

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Trump boycott lists contain names of many prominent companies and department stores, as Trump opponents urge people not to spend money there. Trump supporters are also urging boycotts of companies that oppose Trump.

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Michael G. Flynn is the son of retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, President-Elect Donald Trump’s new national security adviser.

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24-year-old Zachary Benson of Fairview Park, Ohio faces up to five years in prison for threatening to assassinate President-Elect Donald Trump.

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Keith Ellison may become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. His ex-wife is Kim Ellison, and Keith and Kim have four children.

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David Duke, former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, has expressed his approval of President-Elect Donald Trump’s recent cabinet appointments.

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Mike Pompeo, who has defended the NSA’s spying, has accepted Donald Trump’s offer to become the new CIA director, following in the footsteps of John Brennan.

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Jeff Sessions, the Alabama senator who will reportedly be Donald Trump’s attorney general, has been accused of racist behavior and comments.

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One of the most celebrated Native American writers of all time is celebrated by Google in the company’s November 18 doodle.

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