Ke’Arre Stewart was killed in the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. He was a veteran who served in Iraq.

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The blimp that escaped is part of a JLENS program that is supposed to provide surveillance to protect against missile attacks. The program is defective.

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A blimp is on the loose in Pennsylvania and Twitter cannot stop talking about it.

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The student who was stabbed to death at one of Scotland’s most prestigious schools has been named.

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How many Republican debates are still scheduled? Will NBC host any more? Find out when and where the next debates will be.

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Skateboarder Yibin Mu is alleging police brutality after he was arrested at Columbus Circle.

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When will the fourth Republican primary debate take place? Read here for all the details on when it will happen, where, and which candidates will attend.

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One male student has been killed at the prestigious Cults Academy in Scotland.

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John Koskinen may be facing impeachment as Commissioner of the IRS. He was just sworn into the office in 2013 and is already heading to huge legal trouble.

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Sheriff Leon Lott said he isn’t sure race was a factor in Deputy Fields’ actions because Fields is dating a black woman. His statement drew a lot of anger.

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WT1190F, an unidentified space object, is hurtling toward Earth. Some say it’s just a discarded piece of junk, but others wonder if it’s something more.

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A man has been accused of murdering his mother and two younger brothers in a ritualistic killing that’s been referred to as “witchcraft.”

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Mack says he signed up to do a straight-porno but after drinking a vodka and taking a pill, the movie turned gay.

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James Allen Darland is accused of offering to trade sex with his dog, Playmate, in exchange for sex with several farm animals, including horses and goats.

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A 31-year-old man is accused of shooting a 2-year-old girl dead in North Carolina.

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Niya Kenny, an 18-year-old student at Spring Valley High School, was arrested after standing up for a classmate who was taken down by Deputy Ben Fields.

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