Mauricio Rodriguez was identified as one of the officers placed on leave over the David Dao United Airlines passenger dragging incident.

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See photos and read stories about the March for Science rallies and protests today. More than 600 took place around the world.

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In her new PSA “Your brain on drug policy,” Rachael Leigh Cook revisits her 20-year-old anti-drug PSA to show how drug convictions for marijuana destroy far more lives than marijuana itself.

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Damarius Butts was identified as the deceased suspect in the shooting of multiple Seattle police officers. The police officers are expected to live.

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Tony Fierro, of Dallas, is the American Airlines passenger who stood up to a flight attendant accused of “violently” taking a stroller from a woman with a baby.

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A report says that Aaron Hernandez drew ‘Illuminati’ symbols in blood in his prison cell before committing suicide, as well as a Bible verse on his forehead.

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Black Bear ranch commune in California is in the news after reports that Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins and student Elizabeth Thomas briefly stayed there.

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A video shows an American Airlines flight attendant, who was accused of violently taking a stroller from a crying woman with a baby, confronting a passenger, saying to “hit me.”

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Aaron Hernandez’ brain was part of a bizarre drama. His family wants it tested and claims it was being held hostage by the medical examiner since the suicide. Illuminati drawings were in his cell.

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See photos of Brittney Singletary and Heather Thomas, whom the Miami Herald reports Sen. Frank Artiles’ political committee, Veterans for Conservative Principles, listed as “consultants” in campaign documents.

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It certainly looks as though Tyga has traded life with the Kardashians for a life with a former Hooters waitress.

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Neil Gorsuch’s first recorded U.S. Supreme Court vote allowed the Arkansas execution of Ledell Lee.

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Tyga has been snapped in Los Angeles out-and-about with Justin Bieber’s former flame.

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Elizabeth Thomas’ father, Anthony, appeared on Good Morning America with other family and said the found Tennessee teen was brainwashed by teacher Tad Cummins.

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Ledell Lee was executed in Arkansas as the state began implementing its multiple execution plan. Lee was convicted of murdering Debra Reese in a brutal crime. Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote.

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The former Sunderland player was recorded in the prison laundry room making shocking comments about his conviction.

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