It was Diego Perotti who was the hero in Francesco Totti’s final game for Roma.

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Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser during Carter’s entire presidency, has died.

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Heather Rinkus, a guest reception manager at Mar-a-Lago, is reportedly working with President Donald Trump on his foreign trip this week.

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Entertainer Ariana Grande released a statement offering her condolences to the Manchester terrorist attack and said she will plan a benefit concert.

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Beranton Whisenant, a federal prosecutor of major crimes in Miami, washed up dead on a Hollywood, Florida beach. The cause of death is under investigation.

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During a commencement speech today, Hillary Clinton compared President Donald Trump to Richard Nixon, suggesting that he has obstructed justice.

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Hillary Clinton just delivered the commencement address at Wellesley College, her alma mater. Watch it here.

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Greg Gianforte was accused of body slamming a reporter before Montana’s Special Election. Twitter responded with memes, jokes, and GIFs, some imagining his victory or concession speech.

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A Texas police chief is on leave after Miss Black Texas 2016 accused him of calling her a “black bitch.”

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Marlo Medina-Chevez, an Uber driver from North Carolina, was likely found dead days after he went missing following his shift.

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The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has just upheld the block on President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban in a decision written by Judge Roger Gregory.

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A sister of the man who killed 22 people following an Ariana Grande concert in England has described her brother a “kind and loving.”

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Melissa Smith was pumping gas when a thief got into the front seat of her car and tried to drive away. She jumped on the hood to stop it. Watch the video.

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Greg Gianforte has been charged with a misdemeanor after allegedly assaulting a reporter who asked him about his position on the American Health Care Act.

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Greg Gianforte, a candidate for Congress in Montana, has been charged with assault. What might his punishment be if convicted?

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Brian Gootkin is the sheriff of Gallatin County, Montana who is looking into Greg Gianforte’s alleged body slamming of a reporter.

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