A scorned lover and tech genius is accused of killing three people at a house party in an upscale Seattle suburb.

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Bernie Sanders emphatically endorsed Hillary Clinton at the DNC. Watch the full speech here.

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Bernie supporters protested during Day 1 of the DNC, showing the world that they’re #StillSanders and #BernieorBust. See photos & stories of #DNCinPhilly.

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In a gruesome Facebook video, an Indiana rapper showed the world what happens when you literally shoot your mouth off.

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A man with a knife went on a rampage at a facility for disabled people in Sagamihara in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, killing at least 15 people and wounding 45 others.

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On the first day of the DNC, protests are expected to be huge as Bernie addresses his supporters. Watch live streams and videos of all the protests here.

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What did Jane Sanders say at the end of Bernie’s speech to his delegates? Will Sanders still be on the roll call vote?

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A woman was attacked by a tiger at a drive-through animal park in Beijing, China, and the horrifying mauling was caught on video. You can watch the full footage here.

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Bernie Sanders was booed by his delegates when he talked about how they needed to elect Hillary Clinton.

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See multiple live streams where you can watch the Democratic National Convention online, live, without cable.

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Polls show Clinton’s seen as dishonest. Now we know she lied about classified emails. What else is there? This is an in-depth analysis of her top accused lies.

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Thousands rallied at March for Bernie events, supporting Sanders before the DNC. See photos & stories from #March4Bernie around the country. #SeeYouInPhilly

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Aldon Smith posted a “questionable” video to a Periscope account under the nickname “ravenga” showing him possibly smoking marijuana. Watch the full video here.

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An explosion killed at least one person and injured 10 others in Ansbach, Germany. See videos from the scene here.

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Bernie Sanders’ supporters are saying even a resignation from DWS isn’t enough, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention and a planned #DemExit.

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A Syrian refugee killed a woman and wounded two other people with a machete in Reutlingen, Germany. Watch video of the attack here.

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