The video shows a U.S. bomber making short work of an ISIS target.

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fort lee shooting, fort lee active shooter

Sgt. 1st Class Paula Walker has been named as the solider who committed suicide by shooting herself at the Fort Lee army base in Virginia.

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Des Hague Video

Des Hague, a multimillionaire CEO, was caught on video kicking and abusing a defenseless puppy.

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Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers, Clippers

The Clippers locked up coach Doc Rivers Wednesday with a contract extension that goes through the 2018-19 season.

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Kennedy University Hospital Shooting

A man is believed to have shot his wife and then himself inside the hospital.

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Josh Shaw

Asia Shaw, the sister of USC cornerback Josh Shaw, backed up Josh’s claim that he jumped off a balcony to save Asia’s 7-year-old son Carter from drowning.

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Josh Shaw Lies

USC announced Wednesday afternoon that it had suspended star cornerback Josh Shaw after Shaw admitted to team officials that the heroic story he told about spraining both ankles while saving his 7-year-old nephew from drowning was a lie.

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Brittan Brees Hot

Brit Brees is the wife of legendary Saints QB Drew Brees. On August 26, she gave birth to the couple’s first baby girl and their fourth child overall.

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douglas mccain isis

Douglas McCain, a 33-year-old American rapper who joined the terrorist group ISIS, has died in combat while fighting in Syria.

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Douglas McCain Facebook

Douglas McAuthur McCain is the American citizen who was killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria.

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Joseph Barney Facebook

Adam Joseph Barney has been arrested in Utah, charged with killing his girlfriend’s 14-month-old baby.

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Jesse Helt Cute

Miley Cyrus’ VAM date Jesse Helt is homeless, he’s also an aspiring male model.

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