Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied in latest 2016 presidential polls.

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Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina. His family and the police have released conflicting stories about what happened.

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Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by police while he was reportedly reading a book today. The community is protesting and refusing to leave. You can watch the footage here.

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Jessica Heeringa vanished from a Michigan gas station in 2013, and police have now announced a suspect in her disappearance. Read more on the story here.

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Dave Shelby, the husband of Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby, was in a helicopter overhead when Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by Betty Shelby.

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Lyric Scott, a woman who says her father was fatally shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, is streaming live on Facebook at the scene. Watch here.

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Shawn Grate, an alleged serial killer from Ohio, reportedly admitted to the murders of at least five women. Click through the gallery to learn more about the victims and the case.

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U.S. Authorities say that the accused Chelsea bomber’s wife is co-operating with investigators in the United Arab Emirates.

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Tulsa Police released 911 calls and dispatch audio from the shooting of Terence Crutcher by Officer Betty Shelby. Listen to the recordings here.

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Donald Trump spoke to a packed crowd in the rural town of High Point today, with so many showing up that many had to be turned away. See photos & stories here.

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Paul Combetta, a tech who deleted emails from Clinton’s server, may have posted on Reddit. See photos of the messages now being investigated by the House.

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Donald Trump Jr. compared Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles on Twitter. Here is how Twitter reacted with memes.

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See photos remembering the life of Terence Crutcher, the unarmed man who was shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer.

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Terence Crutcher’s twin sister Tiffany has called for justice for her brother, killed by Tulsa police while unarmed. Learn more about Tiffany and the rest of Terence’s family.

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Neighbors of New York terrorism suspect Ahmad Rahami speak well of the alleged bomber in a new video.

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There are reports of shots fired at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

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