Watch the Libertarian Convention online, right here, for free. The party will pick its presidential and vice presidential nominees on Sunday.

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Suzanne Lenglen’s 117th birthday is being celebrated by Google with a Doodle. The French tennis star popularized women’s tennis and won 31 titles from 1914-1926.

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A 15-year-old girl at South Fort Myers High School in Florida had sex with 25 boys in a school bathroom while they recorded it, authorities say.

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Bill Clinton’s history with women has been made a campaign issue as Hillary Clinton runs for president. See the past rape and sexual misconduct allegations here.

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Tyson Beckford and DJ Ruckus got into a nasty fight over Australian model Shanina Shaik, who Beckford used to date and is engaged to Ruckus.

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A 1-year-old boy was abused by his babysitter, who was not charged because of Oregon law, his parents say.

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Corpus Christi, Texas, residents haven’t been able to drink their water for over a week. Now Erin Brockovich is trying to help. What happened and will it be fixed?

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Jorge Zambrano is wanted for questioning in the fatal shooting of Auburn, Massachusetts, Police Officer Ronald Tarentino.

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Nick Menza, the former drummer for Megadeth, died Saturday night after collapsing on stage while playing a show in California. He was 51.

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Bernie’s supporters showed they have no plans to quiet down when they showed up by the thousands to his National City CA rally. See photos of the event here.

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What are the Powerball winning numbers for tonight, May 21? We have the winning numbers right here.

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A Home Depot employee received death threats from conservatives who were angry that she was exercising freedom of expression.

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A Texas woman made everybody’s day a little bit brighter when she recorded herself laughing hysterically while wearing a Chewbacca mask.

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These are photos and stories from Bernie Sanders’ Albuquerque rally. His campaign’s gaining momentum in the home stretch. Here’s why he shouldn’t be ignored.

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What are the Mega Millions winning numbers for tonight, May 20? We’ve got the winning lottery numbers right here.

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More than 3,000 showed up to rally for Bernie Sanders in Santa Fe, New Mexico and show he’s not going anywhere. These are photos of people who #FeeltheBern.

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