A new video shows 8-year-old Gabriel Taye being bullied and assaulted at school. Two days later, Taye committed suicide. Watch the full video of the bullying.

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Gabriel Taye has been identified as the 8-year-old boy who committed suicide just two days after being bullied and assaulted at Carson Elementary in Cincinnati.

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A football star in Idaho, nephew of a local sports legend, is accused raping a black, mentally disabled teammate with a coat hanger. The victim’s parents, claiming educators knowingly failed to protect their son from persistent racist bullying, sued for $10 million.

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Beautiful Amber Cornwell took her own life in North Carolina on December 20, and now her parents are going public to highlight the issue of bullying.

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Ronan Shimizu committed suicide after he was bullied because he was the only male member of the Folsom Middle School cheerleading team.

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It’s the Vine that sent Twitter crazy. Watch it here.

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Why would anybody want to buy a site that has been linked to cyberbullying?

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Eight months after a cyber-bullied Boy Scout committed suicide his parents are going after his school district for failing to protect their son.

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Delia Garcia-Bratcher, 30, is accused of choking a 12-year-old boy at her daughter’s elementary school in Santa Rosa, Calif. after she confronted the boy about bullying her daughter.

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The Janoskians started out as a YouTube sensation, but have grown into so much more. Check out our exclusive interview with the guys and get the 411 on them.

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Rich Braham says his son, Marquise, took his own life by jumping off a Marriot in in Uniondale, New York due to violent frat hazing.

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Twitter user @DarthVenn was the bane of black twitter, trolling up a storm of racist, bullying tweets. Today she’s allegedly been outed as a catfish. Here’s what we know.

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NFL-commissioned independent investigator Ted Wells found Richie Incognito and other Miami Dolphins players guilty of harassing teammate Jonathan Martin.

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Michael Morones, 11, tried to commit suicide after allegedly being bullied over his love of “My Little Pony” and his label of “brony.”

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Jordan Lewis, just hours after taking part in a school seminar on the prevention of bullying that featured a fictional student committing suicide , took his own life by shooting himself in the chest.

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Even celebrities suffer from cyber-bullying. Lady Gaga stands up for herself on Twitter as she’s made victim to vicious tweets and Twitter pics.

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