Yelp is being sued by its shareholders. The suit claims that Yelp inflated stock prices by lying about their policy of “hiding” bad reviews…for a price.

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dick costolo, twitter, twitter ceo, twitter messaging, social networking

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has some intriguing ideas about the future of the 140-character social network. Learn more about this fascinating tech figure.

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foxconn, hon hai, foxconn death, foxconn suicide, hon hai employee death, china, china working conditions, china labor laws, apple, iphone 6

Could this be the start of another wave of employee suicides? Here’s what we know so far.

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xiaomi, xiaomi smartphone, xiaomi phone, xiaomi fitness tracker

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is in the news after releasing a fitness tracker wristband that costs just $13. New to the brand? Here’s what you need to know about Xiaomi.

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yahoo, flurry, flurry buy out, yahoo buys flurry, flurry ads, flurry analytics, mobile analytics

Yahoo is preparing to acquire Flurry. Best known as a mobile analytics company, Flurry is expected to be acquired by Yahoo for at least $300 million.

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Comcast Time Warner Charter Communications Merger Takeover

A recording is going viral of AOL product manager Ryan Block’s attempt to cancel his Comcast service. Listen to it here.

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tim draper, bitcoin, Vaurum, bitcoin exchange, bitcoin auction, silk road, buy bitcoin, venture capitalist

Tim Draper has won 30,000 Bitcoins in a government auction. Learn what he plans to do with his Bitcoin haul right here.

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john legere, t-mobile ceo, john legere t-mobile, john legere rant, john legere AT&T, john legere crazy, john legere raping

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is having a rough week. Read all about his profanity-laced “rape” rant right here.

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Dov Charney, Dov Charney fired, Dov Charney American Apparel

Dov Charney, the controversial founder and CEO of American Apparel, was ousted Wednesday as CEO after the board voted to remove him for cause.

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Chloe Sladden, Ali Rowghani, twitter, twitter coo, twitter ceo, twitter resign, twitter stock, twitter execs

Twitter COO Ali Rowghani has resigned, along with media head Chloe Sladden. How does Rowghani’s exit affect Twitter and its investors?

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uday marty, uday marty intel, uday marty dead, uday marty killed, mount rainier dead, mount rainier accident, dead intel vp

Uday Marty was killed on Mount Rainier in Washington. Here’s what you need to know about this Intel VP and the questions surrounding his death.

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steve ballmer, donald sterling, la clippers, la clippers sale, steve ballmer clippers, who owns the clippers, clippers owner

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is buying the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling. Learn more about this sale, and about Ballmer himself.

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