Peter Thiel leads big investments in the Valley including Putorti’s startup Votizen. His $1.2 million donation to Trump, however, has turned off entrepreneurs

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Lovepop got a deal in the Tank for their 3D cards created for every occasion. We interviewed their CEO to learn about their massive growth since the show.

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Two Guys Bow Ties secured a deal with Daymond for their wooden bow ties. We interviewed its co-founder to learn about their progress.

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The owners of Nerdwax, that prevents glasses from slipping off, did not accept a deal in the Shark Tank. We interviewed the entrepreneurs about their growth.

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McClary Bros Drinking Vinegar did not strike a deal in the Shark Tank. We spoke to their CEO who told us about the company’s growth after the show.

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Beebo, which allows you to bottle-feed your baby and still have your hands free, got a deal with Lori and Ashton Kutcher in Season 7. We spoke to its founder.

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Blake Krikorian, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded Sling Media and worked for Microsoft and Amazon, has died at the age of 48.

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Illumibowl, a toilet light, got a deal with Kevin in the Shark Tank. We interviewed its founder to see how business is faring since the show.

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Not getting a deal in the Shark Tank allowed owner Jeremiah Robison to reflect upon and improve his business. We spoke to him about his success.

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Teaspressa did not get a deal for their tea beverages inspired by coffee drinks. We interviewed its founder about their steady growth since leaving Shark Tank.

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Natural deodorant PiperWai struck a deal with Barbara in the Shark Tank. We interviewed its co-founder to learn of the tremendous growth the company’s enjoyed.

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BetterBack is a back belt that helps to correct posture. We interviewed its founder to learn about their growth since securing a deal with Lori in the Tank.

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Bee Fee Honee, a vegan alternative to honey, won a deal with Barbara, Chris and Mark on Shark Tank. Heavy asked their owners about the company’s growth.

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Pete and Pedro entered the Shark Tank with their hair styling products made especially with men in mind. Heavy interviewed its co-founder.

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PMS Bites are chocolates designed for a women to snack on during her time of the month. We interviewed their CEO and founder.

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The Felt App enables users to create greeting cards using their own handwriting. We interviewed its CEO and co-founder.

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